Massive Infrastructure Investment and Marshall Plan for Appalachia

America's aging infrastructure desperately needs to be renewed, especially within the hard-pressed towns and rural communities of SE Ohio. Our crumbling roads, bridges, rails and housing stocks require immediate action for major repairs and upgrading through massive infrastructure investment throughout the 6th CD. What was done to rebuild postwar Europe through the federal Marshall Plan is needed today all over SE Ohio, particularly in the woefully neglected and poverty-stricken communities of Appalachia. The Appalachian broadband deserts need to be totally eliminated through accessible broadband service for everyone. The aging housing stock, painfully apparent in every town along the Ohio River, needs to be modernized to last for generations or replaced by quality new housing.

That's the way, along with green energy investment, to create good-paying jobs and stimulate major economic growth. Don't let anyone tell you the money is not there for this long-overdue massive infrastructure investment in the richest country on earth and in history. What's lacking is the will, not the money, to do it because bought-off politicians, like the incumbent, put profits before people; guns before butter; and donors before voters. Time for a change. Time for Our Revolution.