No Fracking in the Wayne National Forest, Beaver Creek State Park or anywhere else!

The Wayne National Forest, the only national forest in Ohio, is a national treasure within the 6th Congressional District and must be protected from corporate polluters like Energy Transfer Partners and their political puppets in Congress like the current incumbent.  This national treasure as well as Ohio's state parks belong to the people, not a gang of voracious corporations hell-bent on extracting private profit at public expense through fracking mother earth, creating man-made earthquakes, and destroying our beloved forests and parks. Lange joins environmentalists throughout this District and across our Nation in vigorously opposing fracking and the dangerous Rover Pipeline, which is to cut right through the heart of Ohio. To learn more about Lange's commitment to stop fracking, here is a short video of his participation (dressed as Uncle Sam with a sign "Freedom From Fracking Forever") in a 2012 anti-fracking protest at the Ohio State House:

For Immediate Release

Statement by Democratic Congressional Candidate Lange on the Earthquake today (1/26/18) in Washington County

"The 2.6 earthquake today near Barlow Township in Washington County is no natural occurrence or act of God" , said Werner Lange who is seeking the Democratic Party nomination in the 6th Congressional District of Ohio, "Dangerously close that area is one of the most intense fracking operations in the entire nation; and man-made earthquakes directly connected to fracking are on the rise. So must be the righteous anger of victimized residents"

"No one has a right to cause earthquakes."

"The time to impose a moratorium on fracking is now. The time for a full-scale independent investigation into this earthquake is now. The time to break our addiction to fossil fuels is now. And the time to remove all public officials (e.g. Johnson) from office who promoted fracking on public lands, like the Wayne National Forest, is now."