GOP Tax Scam Exposed

Democrat Congressional Candidate Lange Denounces GOP Tax Scam

When he filed his petitions, on Monday, for his 5th disastrous term in Congress misrepresenting the working families of Ohio's 6th Congressional District, the current incumbent is quoted as praising "the progress we've made like the recently passed tax reform...".

Democratic challenger Werner Lange, critically asks: "What progress?!"

Protests in December 2017. (Credit: John Ramspott, Oxford, GA)
Protests in December 2017. (Credit: John Ramspott, Oxford, GA)

"The GOP tax plan is a huge giveaway to the super-rich and big corporations" states Lange, "It represents the biggest transfer of wealth through public policy from the middle class and poor to the top 1% in the history of America."

"This so-called reform is a plan for, of and by the billionaire donor class who routinely purchases politicians like their incumbent to do their bidding."

"This tax scam makes huge cuts in corporate taxes permanent; provides mere temporary crumbs to working families who will soon see their taxes increase; blows a colossal hole of some $1.5 trillion in the national debt; seriously endangers the economy; and invites drastic cuts in Social Security; Medicare; and all other government programs designed to help the 99%".

The nonpartisan CBO (Congressional Budget Office) estimates that households making less than $100,000 per year (just about every family in the 6th Congressional District) will have taxes increased. And Our Revolution, the social movement founded by Bernie Sanders and embraced by Lange, calls this scam "corporate greed at its most dangerous".

"The GOP tax scam, praised by the bought-off incumbent, comes straight out of an earlier game plan - the one that led to economic collapse in 1929 and the Great Depression of the 1930s."

Lange, when elected, will work with other progressive Democrats in Congress to repeal this disastrous GOP tax scam, and help implement progressive tax and other legislation favoring the 99%.