Lange Files Nominating Petition

At the Columbiana County Board of Elections in Lisbon at high noon on February 5, Lange files nominating petition containing 232 signatures of Democrats from half of the 18 counties comprising the gerrymandered 6th Congressional District; the BOE would only accept 149 of them, no more than three times the minimum amount.

The signatures were gathered during some bitterly cold days in front of post offices; libraries; parking lots; grocery stores; and door-to-door visits. The amount of effort it took to accomplish this task is just a small indication of the determination inspiring this progressive campaign. The overwhelming message received from those who signed was that change is desperately needed and this misrepresentative has got to go. Thanks to petition circulators, Tony Danzo in Tuscawaras County, David Tabachnick in Muskingum County and Gunther Lange in Mahoning County, who assisted in securing the requisite number of signatures.