While Trump was touting his tyranny today in Southwestern Ohio, an Our Revolution campaign officially kicked off in Appalachia of Southeastern Ohio. Today, at high noon, Werner Lange filed petitions with the Columbiana County Board of Elections to be the Democratic Party nominee for Ohio's distressed 6th Congressional District. The petitions contained the signatures of some 200 Democrats, over four times the required minimum, generated from half of the 18 counties of this District gerrymandered to be a permanent GOP fortress.

"I am running for Congress in these critical times because I believe in one nation under God, not a divided one under the GOP; and I also believe in miracles", said Lange, "As the Democratic challenger, I fully intend to break the GOP stranglehold here by beating the corporate-funded incumbent and his million-dollar campaign war chest with a wealth of progressive ideas."

"Johnson has terribly misrepresented the salt of the earth throughout his hard-pressed district, and it is high time for a big change, one that reflects the progressive values and stances of Our Revolution initiated by Bernie Sanders."

"On every single major public policy issue, my campaign embraces and promotes the exact opposite of the imported incumbent's woefully backward stances and wretchedly harmful votes."

"His misguided support for the GOP tax scam invites economic collapse and cuts to Social Security; his blind promotion of fossil fuels and fracking threatens to further destroy our natural environment; he perpetuates, rather than helps fix, the terribly broken heath care; public education; and criminal justice systems; and his servile support of Trump's tyranny erodes the quality of our life; the morality of our government; and the vitality of our democratic institutions."

"To halt and reverse that course to disaster and race to the bottom propelled by this bought-off politician, he needs to be replaced with a public servant who truly represents the true interests of the working families in this hard-pressed District, not the super-rich 1% which is running and ruining our country. Whether that is me or the other fine candidate, Shawna Roberts, is up to the voters in this first round. Either of us would be a thousand times better than this puppet of the billionaire class."

"Unlike the Super Bowl, democracy is no spectator sport; and it is my fervent hope that voters will turn out massively to finally drive this bought-off politician from office and send him back to wherever he came from before being imported by the GOP to misrepresent the gerrymandered 6th Congressional District for four disastrous terms. God willing and the people voting, there will not be a fifth."