Revitalize Appalachian Ohio

Congressional Candidate Calls for Massive Infrastructure Investment by Feds

"The water main break in Bellaire, which shut down water for the entire village, is not an isolated incident. The same preventable disaster happened in Steubenville about a week earlier, and these ruptures will continue to happen until our aging infrastructure is modernized now."

Democratic Congressional Candidate Lange calls for massive investment by the federal government, the only branch of government that can afford this public works project, in the crumbling infrastructure throughout the 6th Congressional District. As a resident of officially defined Appalachia, Lange also calls for the equivalent of a Marshall Plan for Appalachian Ohio to raise the quality of life of our hard-pressed residents.

"The money for such badly needed infrastructure investment is there, and it's about time residents in Appalachian Ohio got some of their tax money back from Washington D.C. Repeal of the draconian GOP tax scam and reduction of the bloated military budget would supply the needed funds for infrastructure investment in Appalachian Ohio and throughout the country."